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Our Digital Solutions

At CrystalFruit, we design our websites with one goal in mind - to tell your story.

Here are just some of the sites we've done.


A vibrant, homey site for a vibrant, homey local nut butter company! Located right down the road from University City.

Visit PBandJamsPHL.com


A sleek, modern site and web app designed for Vitris, an end to end phone repair SaaS company!

Visit TryVitris.com

Preferred Home Improvements

A professional, responsive site for Preferred Home Improvements, a company that specializes in roofing, siding and more.

Visit the site

Our Services

Beautiful. Clean. Effective.


Modern, mobile-friendly, and immaculately crafted websites are our specialty. SEO comes included.


Hand-crafted software solutions for web, mobile iOS / Android, desktop and everything in between.


We create custom graphics, media and content tailored to impact your audience right from the get-go.

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What does the name "CrystalFruit" mean anyways?

The name is a metaphor that describes the image of a split geode which, when you break them open and look inside, contain beautiful gemstones. Likewise, it is our goal to reveal the beauty inside of all of the products, services and brands of our customers (many of our projects involve turning old, 90's-looking sites and logos into shiny new modern ones). Plus it sounds pretty cool!